Pressed wheat straw

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It is a litter made of short pressed-straw cylinders, a natural element, that rabbits and rodents really enjoy. Its aroma is light and natural, but never sour. It has excellent absorptive and odor-inhibiting capacities. Its quite stiff consistency does not feel sharp or prickly, therefore it causes no trouble to the delicate plantar area of rabbits and Guinea pigs. If used along with wood shavings litter it can be perfectly suitable for medium sized animals (such as rabbits or Guinea pigs); in such case, the litter has to be spread out after having accurately mixed it together with wood shavings. As far as small animals such as hamsters, mice and gerbils are concerned, it can be used with the corn cob granulates litter, possibly by spreading them out in two different parts of the tray or cage; thus the animal will have at its disposal two different kinds of litters which will ensure a double absorptive power, and give to the animal’s abode a wide ranging look. It is hardly mistaken for food; anyhow, because of its completely natural composition, it does not give any trouble if swallowed.

  • 100% biodegradable
  • Doesn’t stick to the hair
  • Natural aroma

Sku: 02.205007
Ean code: 4002064205007
Content: 4KG